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Cisco pxGrid is the latest entry to IETF approved standard

pxGrid which has been an integral part of ISE is now an IETF approved standard (RFC 8600), approved in June. Needless to say, this is a very big victory for ISE and is going to be a very big selling point going forward. Now that it has gotten wider attention and sooner or later we are going to see increased vendor support for pxGrid, a thorough understanding of the standard is something that we all should be aiming at. Though Cisco has been supporting this standard for a while now, there is nothing like a good old RFC to understand a protocol/standard and its implementation to its fullest. Techies love reading RFCs to understand the working of protocols.

With Cisco pxGrid (Platform Exchange Grid), your multiple security products can now share data and work together. This open, scalable, and IETF standards-driven platform helps you automate security to get answers and contain threats faster. Cisco pxGrid is an open and scalable Security Product Integration Framework (SPIF) that allows for bi-directional any-to-any partner platform integrations. Cisco pxGrid uses a pub/sub model and publishes Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) contextual information. In addition, pxGrid publishes this session directory topic and other ISE topics of information for ecosystem parters to consume. This results in a higher degree of efficacy in the ecosystem’s security policy by including the identity information surrounding the even

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