What is a Computer Network?

A computer network is a system of interconnected devices or hosts which can communicate using some common standards called protocols. These devices communicate to exchange resources or information (e.g. files and printers) and services.

In the below example, there is a computer network that consists of two computers directly connected.

what is computer network

In this example, the two computers are directly connected using a cable. One can exchange data using this small network.

What if we want to expand our computer network?

Then we can use a network device, either a switch or a hub, to connect more than two computers with each other.:

what is computer network

Hence, all of the devices on the network can communicate with each other using a switch or a hub (as shown in the figure above)

We’ll talk more about hubs and switches in our next article.

For now, just remember that these devices serve as a central point to which all of the computers connect.

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