Google Meet breakout rooms: A Powerful feature

Google Meet is rolling out it’s new feature ‘Google Meet breakout rooms‘ ,to be made available to Enterprise for Education customers.

google meet breakout rooms

Google Meet video conferencing service has announced the addition of ‘Google Meet breakout rooms’ to its product. Though initially this feature will only be made available for G Suite Enterprise for Education customers (Organizers of Enterprise for Education meetings). As explained by Google in Google blog post ,this feature is meant to aid the process of distance learning which has become important during this pandemic.

Google Meet breakout rooms to aid distant learning!

Google meet breakout rooms will allow the organizers of Enterprise for Education meetings to divide the participants into smaller groups during video calls. This would assist in various meetings that are held for activities such as such as projects or focused discussions and promote better learning. This feature is aimed at increasing the engagement during the meet. Participants would also be able to rejoin the original meeting after completing their smaller group discussion.

Coming to the the role of the moderator, he/she would decide the number of rooms required, and then Google would randomly distribute people equally on the call into rooms. However, if required, moderator would also be able to manually move the participants into different rooms and the moderator would also be able to jump into these conversations at any point of time. The control panel on Google Meet would note how everyone is grouped with quick editing available.

In one call, you can create up to 100 breakout rooms and then Google would randomly distribute the participants equally across the rooms. You would also be able to set a timer for these rooms and would be allowed to move the participants into different rooms manually.

For the time being, breakout room creation would only be available on the web, but anyone with a Google Account regardless of device would be able to join. 

In case you are looking at trying the Google meet breakout rooms, but you are not an Enterprise for Education customer, you might get a chance to use this in future . The feature will be coming to other G Suite and Google Workspace editions “later this year,” as mentioned by Google in the blog.

Zoom allows users to split up into 50 different rooms,whereas Google Meet breakout rooms feature will offer 100 rooms.

These breakout rooms feature isn’t something new as Google Meet’s biggest rival Zoom has had this feature for its users since 2015. Introduction of this feature is more of a catch up for Google Meets.

Let’s see how this pans out for Google Meet!

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