How To Configure Cisco GETVPN

This document will explain how to deploy Cisco GETVPN if you are new to GETVPN then first go through Cisco GETVPN Concept Explained this covers the basic fundamentals of GETVPN to help you understand the concept easily.

GETVPN Deployment Configuration

 COOP Server Exportable RSA Keys

 The preceding configuration is sufficient for a standalone KS in an enterprise network. This section describes the configuration of a COOP KS. Before deploying COOP KS configurations, consider the following:

KS Configuration using Pre-shared key


GM Configuration

GETVPN Platform Support


Scalability & Performance 

GETVPN Policy Considerations

 What should not be protected with Group Security?

What needs to be protected with Group Security?

What may already be protected?

Deployment Best Practices





Rekey Timers

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