How to Install Cisco ACS 5.8 on VMware

Cisco ACS is one of the best security product provided by Cisco. Cisco ACS is used to manage multiple Network and server devices. Cisco secure ACS is an authentication , authorization, and Accounting(AAA) access control server. Cisco ACS uses RADIUS and TACACS protocol to manage devices.

Minimum requirement to install Cisco ACS on VMware-

  • 2 Core Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 60 GB Hard drive

We will help you step by step to install Cisco ACS on VMware- We have divided this section into two parts-
1st Part

  1. Download Cisco secure ACS ISO image.
  2. Getting evaluation license key for 90 days.
  3. Preparing VMware for Cisco ACS installation.

2nd Part

  1. Setting UP Cisco secure ACS for first use.
  2. Add license to Cisco ACS

1. Download Cisco secure ACS ISO image

Login to your Cisco user account and direct to below link to download Cisco secure ACS ISO image from

But bad part is you can only download the image if you have purchased or authorized to download it. In most cases people reach out to me saying they are not able to download the image. So, here you go my friend, find alternate link to download the image. To download the image, you need to register on
Note:- Image is strictly for education purpose and NetworkHunt does not store or host any Cisco image on its server, just re-indexing the link found on internet for education purpose only.

Download from NetworkHunt

2. Getting evaluation license key for 90 days

1 – Go to: and login by your username and password. (If you don’t have one, create one).
2 – Choose Get Licenses
3 – Click on Demo and evaluation license > Network MGMT Products > Cisco secure access control system evaluation
Cisco ACS license

4 – Get Demo tab , choose Cisco Secure Access Control System Evaluation from table content and then press next step.
5 – Click on the check box “I agree with the Terms of the License” and it will be sent to your email so you can download it.

3. Preparing VMware for Cisco ACS installation.

Open VMware and choose new VMware machine, once you click on New VMware machine you will get below step and choose custom.

Select option “I will install the operating system later”Cisco ACS VMware setuo
Select Linux in Guest Operating system and Version Other Linux 2.6.x kernel.Cisco ACS VMware setup
Enter the Name of VM machine and location to store it.
Cisco ACS VmwareSelect Number of Processors 2 and Number of cores per processor 1
Cisco ACS VMware Setup
Provide 4 GB of ram for the installation but it can run with less after install:
Cisco ACS VMware Setup


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