Terms of Services

Terms & Conditions

Admission of a candidate in a particular course will be confirmed after paying the course fee or down payment at least 7 days before the course commencement date. If a batch is declared full, even if a candidate is registered, the First Come First Serve method will be implemented for the selection of candidates in a particular batch and the rest of the candidates will be considered as advance registrations for the next upcoming batch for the same course. If a candidate is willing to change his/her batch, will have to submit a written application requesting the same. Management will provide him/her a seat in the next batch.

Cancellation of Admissions:

Admission of a student will be deemed as canceled under the following circumstances:

  • Non Attendance of 4 consecutive classes, without prior permission/intimation. (Batch can be rescheduled with permission of management).
  • Non-Payment of Fee.
  • Act of indiscipline (Violation of Discipline will result in the spot cancellation of admission, without giving any reason).
  • Network Hunt reserves the right to cancel the admission anytime without giving any reason.
  • A student going on a break without fulfilling the requisite procedure is considered a dropout and loses his/her student-ship. Such students can be allowed to continue their courses, with the permission of management.
  • A break is identified as a prolonged absence from the course/program with prior permission.
  • Shifting from one batch to another is termed as transfer
  • A break/transfer for a course is only permitted after the student pays the full course fee. If a student does not pay the same, a re-admission fee of 10% of course value shall be charged.
  • An application for a break or transfer has to be submitted by the student to his/her respective program coordinator. Approval for a break or transfer is at the discretion of the management and is based on necessity or urgency as the case may be. In the event of a transfer, a suitable batch, based upon the availability of seats, will be allotted for resuming the course.
  • The duration of a break between the courses can be a maximum of 3 months and the number of breaks allowed for a course can not be more than one.