What is Computer Network?

A computer network is a system where multiple different devices are connected together. These devices are interconnected and communicate with each other using some common standard called protocols. The computer network is created to share resources or information with each other.

Some examples of networks are social networks, phone networks, television networks, neural networks, and computer networks. A computer network connects personal computers (PCs), printers, servers, phones, cameras, and other devices. A computer network connects devices that allows them to exchange data with each other, which facilitates information and resource sharing.

In a home, computers allow family members to share files (such as photos) and print documents on a network printer, televisions can play movies or other media stored on your computers, and internet-enabled devices can connect to webpages, applications, and services anywhere in the world.

The internet is an example of many networks interconnected together.

computer network

In the example above, the network of the two computers is shown, where they are directly connected using a cable. This small network can be used to exchange data between just these two computers.

In another example, Switch is used to expand the network. The switch is a network device that helps the packet switching efficiently without any collision. You will learn switches and other network devices in detail in the coming chapters.

multiple computer network

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