How to add Linux servers in Eve-ng

This post will help you to add Linux servers to eve-ng in the easiest way. You can choose any Linux image from the pack below and simply upload it into EVE.

  1. Download your preferred image from this link:

Download Linux Images Here

    2. Download your desirable image

    3. Using WinSCP or FileZilla SSH (TCP 22) to your EVE and upload downloaded image to the location:


    4. Using Putty or other telnet clients, CLI SSH (TCP 22) to your EVE and go to location:

cd /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/

    5. Unzip your uploaded image file, make sure you are using right name of uploaded image. Example for ubuntu desktop image below.

tar xzvf linux-ubuntu-desktop-16.04.4.tar.gz

    6. Remove raw zipped image file from EVE

rm -f linux-ubuntu-desktop-16.04.4.tar.gz

   7. Fix permissions

/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions

   6. Repeat this procedure for each downloaded image, expecting the right image name in commands

Ready to go images recommended settings:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you start the Linux node, edit it with right settings as per the table below. Add node to the Topology, point the mouse and right-click/ Edit. Qemu VGA setting please change manually (overwrite std to qxl). Please be sure you checked all settings for your node, CPU, RAM, Ethernet, qemu vga and console settings. See below:

Credentials and recommended node settings table:

We have used universal credentials in all our Linux images.




for new Kali 2019.3 linux with RDP enabled: root/toor

Credit to Eve-NG

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